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Climate of Egypt

The Egyptian climate is of Saharan type in the south : very hot and very dryness -, it is softer towards north, thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean.
The coastal area gathers most of the large cities which profit of a moderate climate.
The temperatures seldom go down below 9° to 10°C in winter. The summer, they can exceed 40°C. At the time of the intermediate seasons, the temperatures are about 15°C.

In Cairo, the average temperatures varies :

  •  5 to 10°C in winter
  •  15 to 20°C in spring and autumn
  •  25 to 35°C in summer
The rainfall is very low, except on the northern littoral fringe more sprinkled in winter. The area of the delta of the Nile receives a fifteen days average of rain per annum. In summer, there is no precipitation.

Annual pluviometry in Alexandria: 184 mm
annual Pluviometry in Cairo: 56 mm
In spring, blows the Khamsin, a burning wind of the desert, which causes sandstorms.


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