Egypt - Nile valley

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nile - aswanDuring antiquity, one of the richnesses of Aswan were its granite careers, often transported to the north by the Nile
It counts today about 250 000 inhabitants, located in the south of Egypt, near of Nubia, about 850 km far from Cairo.
The southernmost city of Egypt, at the limit of Black Africa with which the trade thrived, it was called Swan by Copt' people, which means trade.
On the edges of the Nile, it counts two islands, the Elephantine island and the Kitchener island.

Philae islandToday, the great part of the economic activity of Aswan is related to tourism. Between the two dams, the island of Philae where the temple of Isis was partly submerged the first year after the construction of the first dam, the construction of the second threatened to submerge it completely.
It was moved by a common operation of Egypt and UNESCO on the island of Aguilkia in 1974, 300 m northward.

Aswan is close to the two dams of the Nile, the first was built by the British in 1908, and the high dam was inaugurated in 1971 creating an immense lake, the lake Nasser.
The museum of antiquities of Nubia accommodates the Nubian vestiges whose grounds were absorbed under water of the lake Nasser.


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