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luxor Luxor is located on right bank of the Nile, it is the place of the ancient Egyptian city Thebes, in High-Egypt, 700 km southward from Cairo and 300 km northward from Aswan.
There are about 450 000 inhabitants.
It is one of the most touristic places of Egypt with four million visitors annually. It is also a place where start cruises on the Nile.

Luxor is very important from the archaeological point of view, for its city with the temples of Luxor and Karnak, and its proximity of the archaeological sites of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.
The ancient city Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the middle Empire.

Places of Luxor

East of the Nile

Temple of Karnak

This temple was for a long time the largest and the richest religious centre of Egypt. Its construction began in with the 16th century before our era, more than 30 Pharaohs contributed to its embellishment.
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Temple of Luxor

Situated in the heart of the ancient Thebes, it was dedicated to the worship of Amon. The first construction goes up to Amenhotep III, in the 14th century before our era.
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Museums of Luxor and the mummies

West coast

Colossi of Memnon

Valley of the Kings

The valley of the Kings is an area of Egypt situated on the Western bank of the Nile, on the other side of Luxor.
It is famous to shelters the tombs (hypogean) of many Pharaohs of the New Empire.
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Valley of the Queens
Temple of Ramesses III (Medinet Habu)
Temple of Ramesses II (Ramesseum)
Village of Deir Al-Madinah
Temple of Hapchetsout (Deir el-Bahri)
Palate of Amenophis III (Malkata)
Temple of Amenophis III and colossi of Memnon


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