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Temple of Karnak

temple de karnakKarnak shelters the most important and the greatest religious center of ancient Egypt, the temple of Karnak, located close to the ancient Thebes (today Luxor), the religious capital.
It is the second site most visited of Egypt after the great pyramids of Giza.

It was the main temple dedicated to the worship of Amon, but like many other Egyptian temples, several gods were venerated. Thus, it is composed of four parts, including three main enclosures: dedicated to Amon, with its divine wife Drove, and local God Montu (with the body of man and head of falcon)
There are different small temples apart from these walls. The temple was constantly embellished, during nearly 2000 years, by about thirty Pharaohs. Like other kings, Ramesses II and his Mineptah son lived there. It is the main difference which distinguishes Karnak from the other temples of Egypt, giving it a sensational size and a complexity.

The entry is a dromos, an alley bordered of criosphinx, statues with head of ram and the body of sphinx, crowned animal allotted to the Amon god. Flanked on the two sides, the criosphinx would push back the demons, and protect the Pharaoh.

Then one enters a complex where on the left the temple of Seti II is. Further, a passage framed by two statues of Amon carries out to the hypostyle room. This immense room is made up of 134 columns, the majority having kept their inscriptions and some partly kept their colours.
At the bottom of the temple there is the sanctuary. Opposite the temple of Karnak, there was the crowned lake. The priests purified there.

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