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Philae' island

aswan - philaeClose to Aswan, on the island of Philae there was the temple of Isis, partly submerged the year after the construction of the first dam, the construction of the second threatened to absorb it completely.
So, the temple was moved by a common operation between Egypt and UNESCO on the island of Aguilkia in 1974, 300 m northward from Philae' island.

The main monument of the island is the temple of Isis. It is one of the temples best preserved of Egypt, it was built during the twilight of Egyptian civilization in the IVth century bC, like the other buildings of the island : the kiosk and the gate of Hadrian, the temple of Maât-Hathor, the mammisi..., the Romans finished some.

philae egyptMany pilgrims came to the temple from Isis during the Ptolemaïc and the Roman times. The worship of Isis was also very popular outside Egypt, among the tribes in the north of Sudan like the Nubian tribes of Nobades and Blemmyes in the valley at the southern border of the Roman empire.

The temple of Philae was transformed into a church about 550 by the Justinian emperor who prohibits the worship of the Egyptian divinity.


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