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Temple of Edfu


Edfu templeEdfu is the largest and the most important temple dating from the Ptolemaic dynasty.
It is situated on left bank of the Nile, about 180 km northward of Aswan and 105 km southward of Luxor.

It is one of the temples best preserved in Egypt, devoted to God falcon Horus, God of the city of Edfu.
It is the largest of that kind of temple after which one of Karnak, with 137 meters length and whose pylons rise with 36 meters. Built out of sandstone, its perfect proportions give the body to its harmonious plan.
The site was already important during high antiquity, as indicates the antiquated necropolis which was found there.
However the temple was build late, at the dust of Egyptian civilization.
edfuIts construction started into -237 with Ptolemy III. It was completed towards -57 under Tiber when the Romans altered it.

Its release became with Auguste Mariette, before only the top of the pylons emerged from the sands, its terraces were covered with recent and inhabited huts.
The relieves of the large pylon represent Ptolemy and some gods, the interior court is surrounded of colonnades. The inscriptions of the walls tell with details the worship to Horus and the process of the four great annual ceremonies. On the enclosing wall, the account of the war is engraved which the divinities Rê and Horus against Seth delivered.

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