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saqqara egypt Not far from Memphis, the necropolis of Saqqara was occupied during all Egyptian antiquity. It is here where the first mastabas and pyramids were built by the first royal dynasties.

There are many temples and sanctuaries. Thus, Djeser of the third dynasty made build by Imhotep the first pyramid, which was a pyramid with degrees (photo above).
Other royal pyramids were built under the 5th and 6th dynasties. The relieves of the mastabas interior learned us a lot about the life of the Egyptians.

During the Middle Empire, the necropolis was sometimes abandoned with the distance of Pharaoh and his court in Thebes. But with the rebirth of the town of Memphis under the 18th and the 19th dynasties, Saqqara was re-occupied, the noble ones built there tombs surmounted by funerary temples. Particularly, the tomb of Horemheb, tombs of the crowned bulls Apis, Serapeum, of the sanctuaries dedicated to Anubis and Bastet.
In catacombs with immense galleries, were locked up multitude of animal mummies...

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