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Giza : pyramids and sphinx


great pyramids in Giza The plate of Giza is an exceptional place of interest: the three great pyramids among its one of Khufu, ultimate survivor of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the sphinx.

The site is today at the limit of Cairo in the east, the desert is in the west. A museum is in course of construction.


The pyramid of Khufu

khufu pyramidThe great pyramid of Khufu was set up during the 4th dynasty, higher monument of the world during 4000 years (146,58m). It is the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu, started from a standard funerary complex of the Old Empire.

The pyramids with face smooth were covered with blocks of limestones which "smoothed" the walls. These stones were probably re-used during centuries for other construction, the pyramid of Khafra preserve a part, as well as the rhomboidal pyramid in Dahshur.

The pyramid of Khafra

The pyramid of Khafra is the second highest pyramid of Egypt. It overhangs two temples. It was built for the Pharaoh Khafra, wire of Khufu.
Its top is still covered with limestone, although smaller than the pyramid of Khufu, it however appears higher because set up on a higher site and with more tilted slopes.


73m large and 20m high, the sphinx is turned towards the east. It was carved in the rock. The body is one of a lion lying and the head one of a sovereign carrying the Nemes. He was probably the guard of the site, or perhaps more precisely of the temple built beside the pyramid of Khufu.

Pyramid of Mykerinos and pyramids of the queens

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